Hypersubtle is an audio-reactive, augmented reality app where futuristic digital dancers and props move to the music wherever you are.
Created with Superbright; an award winning creative technology studio specializing in AR, VR and Physical Computing

IOS/Android download

Director: Igal Nassima
Lead Engineer: Nate Turley
Executive Producer: Erica Newman 
David Lobser: VFX Supervisor
UX & CG Designer: Chloe Karayiannis
Mari Kussman: Character Design
Unity / Audio Engineer: Reese Donohue
UX Lead: Kaori Ogawa
Julian Chelo: Character TD

Choreographer: Ljuba Castot 
Motion Capture Dancers: 
Michaela Holland
Judith McCarty
Daniel Holloway
Ethan Graham
Akira Armstrong
Frida Persson
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